Sunday, July 5, 2009

Technology Curbs Children's Minds

no way!

Okie!So , writing about this struck my mind when my english teacher at school gave us this as a topic for a debate!
For or Against? I honestly have no idea!
How can I write for it? I am not allowed to use a cell phone so i wouldn't understand what phonoholics go through! :D Just because U.S.A President,Barack Obama uses a blackberry doesn't mean teenagers need one too! It almost drove me mad when my uncle told me that my 9 year-old cousin wanted a phone! I mean what use is it to him?
Hello?!?!?!?????? I need one tooo!!!!! hehehehe!
Can you imagine a life without Facebook or MySpace????
Wouldn't life drive you crazy without the two?
Or in that matter , could you imagine a life without
I dont think so!
I mean Facebook definitely is a huge part of my day!
If you are my friend on facebook,then whenever you are online you are sure to see me too!
I just can't live without going online and seeing what everyone is upto!

Ya sure. There are some websites that aren't meant for a child to view. But that's the parent's responsibilty to stop the child.
Would you be able to live without the X-Box or even your iPod? [ i surely can't imagine sleeping without my iPod plugged into my ears ]
Downloading music from sites that are probably illegal? [ DO NOT deny it! We all do it]

Television? Okie. Might make you a couch potato or might not!
I mean there are these new videogames that can improve your reflexes.
Couch potatoes? Not denying it. New television serials. I could probably be a couch potato myself! hehehehehe!
And our language? That sure is suffering! I mean chatting online we make mistakes during our exams writing short forms for stuff! its pretty hilarious actually!

So in short? I have no idea whether i should write for or against this topic! I guess i'll just leave it at this!