Thursday, April 19, 2012


I love her. I love my sister. And now she's gone away. She's gone and gotten married and I was forced to bid her goodbye. Not something that was easy. The two of us have had our share of bickering and quarrelling. Its been just three days since she's left. Not a single day has passed without me missing her. The weather in Pune doesn't help either. I finally can put the phrase "everything has two sides" to practice in my life. Usually this rainy weather gets me into a romantic mood resulting in listening to beautiful love songs. But this time,I'm all gloomy and dull. Listening to depressing songs. Would it make sense if I said I'm broken hearted,in this context? I guess not. But yeah! That is the extent to which I miss her. Here I am - all sad and eyes filled with tears writing about how I feel. Mum says if it weren't for the society she wouldn't get either of her daughters married. So that is who we are. People of society. People who follow the laws and rules of society even though it breaks our heart. :(

Monday, September 26, 2011

For You

I look into your eyes
And want your arms around me
I look into your eyes
And try to tell you I'd rather be here
than anywhere else in the world
I look into your eyes
And don't feel silly for the childish way I express myself
I look into your eyes
And feel secure that you will love me
no matter what happens
I look into your eyes
And I feel safe about telling you what I feel
I look into your eyes
And I'm home
I look into your eyes
And know that this is as beautiful as life gets.......

And so you promise
That spark, that care, that undying love
To be there till the end of us.

Friday, January 15, 2010

A Dream

Standing under twinkling stars
Looking into your chocolate brown eyes
I wonder, " Is this a dream?"
Then you caress my face in your gentle hands
And I forget everything
But you make me feel special

I feel ecstasy, joy and excitement
That usual spark
One moment I am simple
The next, someone precious
"You are mine" is all you say
For my naive heart to skip a beat

Under the moonlit sky
Holding hands while lying down
You sing my favorite lullaby
I close my eyes
Everything calm
And drift away to a far far away place

I drift away to that extraordinary place
Where everything is pure and magical
Where everything is nothing but a dream
A dream and not reality
My fantasy better than reality
But incomplete without you.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Love You Silly!

Everything I feel
Thanks to you!
Don't forget about me
You mean the world to me
From now on until the end
Hold my hand
You needn't ask
Its what I want
I love the feeling
Walk by my side
Have faith in me
Its more than what I ask
Look into my eyes
You'll see everything clearly
Everything I feel for you
And everything I want you to feel
It belongs to you now
Don't ask me what
I think you know anyway
It belongs to you
At the moment,in the future
And forever more.
How can you hurt me?
When all you do is make me smile?
So you needn't feel bad
All you should know

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Is it crazy to dream about you every single night?

Is it crazy to think that you are everywhere I go?

I cannot decide.

So as I close my eyes, getting ready to see you in my dream again

I wonder.

Is this what that word means?

Is this what that word feels like?

Is it happiness and joy together?

Is it sadness of not having you with me?

I’ll decide after tonight.

I get up the next morning

To see you leaning against the wall

And smiling at me

Am I still dreaming? Or is this a hallucination?

I cannot decide.

As frustration takes over my senses

You move towards me

Sit down beside me

Hug me and disappear

Leaving me at peace

So now I know

This is what everyone talks about

This is what everyone brags about feeling

It is the very same thing I feel for you


Should I tell you?

Will it freak you out?

Will you leave me and go away?

Will you accept me?

I cannot decide.

I call you and tell you

The irrevocable love I feel for you

What happens next? I don’t know.

W ill you be happy to hear this?

I cannot decide.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chimborazo Cotopaxi

Awesomely weird poem! i love it!

When I was but thirteen or so
I went into a golden land,
Chimborazo, Cotopaxi
Took me by the hand.

My father died, my brother too,
They passed like fleeting dreams,
I stood where Popocatapetl
In the sunlight gleams.

I dimly heard the master's voice
And boys far-off at play, ---
Chimborazo, Cotopaxi
Had stolen me away.

I walked in a great golden dream
To and fro from school ---
Shining Popocatapetl
The dusty streets did rule.

I walked home with a gold dark boy
And never a word I'd say,
Chimborazo, Cotopaxi
Had taken my speech away.

I gazed entranced upon his face
Fairer than any flower ---
O shining Popocatapetl
It was thy magic hour:

The houses, people, traffic seemed
Thin fading dreams by day;
Chimborazo, Cotopaxi,
They had stolen my soul away!

-- W. J. Turner

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Technology Curbs Children's Minds

no way!

Okie!So , writing about this struck my mind when my english teacher at school gave us this as a topic for a debate!
For or Against? I honestly have no idea!
How can I write for it? I am not allowed to use a cell phone so i wouldn't understand what phonoholics go through! :D Just because U.S.A President,Barack Obama uses a blackberry doesn't mean teenagers need one too! It almost drove me mad when my uncle told me that my 9 year-old cousin wanted a phone! I mean what use is it to him?
Hello?!?!?!?????? I need one tooo!!!!! hehehehe!
Can you imagine a life without Facebook or MySpace????
Wouldn't life drive you crazy without the two?
Or in that matter , could you imagine a life without
I dont think so!
I mean Facebook definitely is a huge part of my day!
If you are my friend on facebook,then whenever you are online you are sure to see me too!
I just can't live without going online and seeing what everyone is upto!

Ya sure. There are some websites that aren't meant for a child to view. But that's the parent's responsibilty to stop the child.
Would you be able to live without the X-Box or even your iPod? [ i surely can't imagine sleeping without my iPod plugged into my ears ]
Downloading music from sites that are probably illegal? [ DO NOT deny it! We all do it]

Television? Okie. Might make you a couch potato or might not!
I mean there are these new videogames that can improve your reflexes.
Couch potatoes? Not denying it. New television serials. I could probably be a couch potato myself! hehehehehe!
And our language? That sure is suffering! I mean chatting online we make mistakes during our exams writing short forms for stuff! its pretty hilarious actually!

So in short? I have no idea whether i should write for or against this topic! I guess i'll just leave it at this!