Thursday, April 19, 2012


I love her. I love my sister. And now she's gone away. She's gone and gotten married and I was forced to bid her goodbye. Not something that was easy. The two of us have had our share of bickering and quarrelling. Its been just three days since she's left. Not a single day has passed without me missing her. The weather in Pune doesn't help either. I finally can put the phrase "everything has two sides" to practice in my life. Usually this rainy weather gets me into a romantic mood resulting in listening to beautiful love songs. But this time,I'm all gloomy and dull. Listening to depressing songs. Would it make sense if I said I'm broken hearted,in this context? I guess not. But yeah! That is the extent to which I miss her. Here I am - all sad and eyes filled with tears writing about how I feel. Mum says if it weren't for the society she wouldn't get either of her daughters married. So that is who we are. People of society. People who follow the laws and rules of society even though it breaks our heart. :(