Saturday, August 15, 2009


Is it crazy to dream about you every single night?

Is it crazy to think that you are everywhere I go?

I cannot decide.

So as I close my eyes, getting ready to see you in my dream again

I wonder.

Is this what that word means?

Is this what that word feels like?

Is it happiness and joy together?

Is it sadness of not having you with me?

I’ll decide after tonight.

I get up the next morning

To see you leaning against the wall

And smiling at me

Am I still dreaming? Or is this a hallucination?

I cannot decide.

As frustration takes over my senses

You move towards me

Sit down beside me

Hug me and disappear

Leaving me at peace

So now I know

This is what everyone talks about

This is what everyone brags about feeling

It is the very same thing I feel for you


Should I tell you?

Will it freak you out?

Will you leave me and go away?

Will you accept me?

I cannot decide.

I call you and tell you

The irrevocable love I feel for you

What happens next? I don’t know.

W ill you be happy to hear this?

I cannot decide.

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